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During your studies at Vienna University, VU Library will most likely be your primary source for research tools and academic texts. We offer print books, e-books, e-journals, print journals as well as access to thousands of databases and online sources from all subjects taught at Vienna University.

As we are Austria's largest library, you may at first find yourself a bit overwhelmed by all the services offered at our multiple locations. However, experience shows figuring out how to use the library and its research tools is not really all that difficult. The rule of thumb is: if you have any questions, ask a member of our staff.

You can find our libraries at 49 locations all over Vienna:

The libraries vary in size and mode of use. Some of them are open shelf libraries, where you can simply take a book from the shelf and use it immediately, others are closed stacks libraries, where you are required to order a book before you can use it, and there are also combinations of these two types. Check out which regulations are in effect at the libraries that you will use most frequently.

Here are the first three steps to using the library for first year students:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask a member of staff.