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Library Reopening August 17th

We have now closed the Library to the public as we are following our readers' suggestions and are currently transforming our closed stacks into an open access area in order to improve our library services. In order to achieve this aim we need to relocate almost all our book and serials holdings. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

On August 17th, the library will re-open and library services will resume. Until then we would ask readers to avail themselves of other libraries' facilities and to return overdue books from the English and American Studies Library in the University Library's Interlibrary Loans Department/Fernleihe in the University's main building in Universitätsring 1.

Between August 17th and September 23rd, readers will be able to borrow books usually loanable over the week-end for a fortnight.

We wish all our readers a pleasant summer.

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