Questions about the limited lending services (Covid-19 measures)


How do the limited lending services at the Vienna University Library work?
What do I need to know when using physical media during the period of limited lending?
Which services does the Vienna University Library offer to help avoid non-essential trips to the Library?
Can borrowed books be returned?
I have books that are due but cannot come to the library in person. How can I return my books?
Do reminder fees or overdue charges accrue?
I require barrier-free access to the library. How do I get my books?
How can I receive books ready for collection if I cannot pick them up myself?
Which services are offered in addition to lending services?
Can I get scans of print literature available at the Vienna University Library?
How can I receive or extend a library card?
Can I study in the library?
Can I get access to literature that is not available at the Vienna University Library?
Where can I find specialist literature on COVID-19?