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Research Support

The University Library of Vienna has played a major role in the following services to support research and teaching and has partly initiated or developed these:


    AUSSDA - The Austrian Social Science Data Archive is a key research infrastructure for social sciences in Austria.

  2. Bibliometrics 

    The Department of Bibliometrics and Publication Strategies  provides bibliometric data to researchers, institutes and faculties, and provides support with their interpretation.

  3. is the online video library of the BMBWF Medienservice, which is managed by UB Wien. Currently, around 2000 AV media are available free of charge for educational institutions via streaming.

  4. Europeana Libraries

    UB Wien is contributing to the Europeana Libraries project, whose task is to make about five million digital objects from 19 scientific libraries in Europe freely accessible.

  5. E-Theses

    The e-theses service is a platform for the electronic publication of diploma and master theses as well as dissertations and habilitations.

  6. Open Access Office 

    The Open Access Office  is working to create the necessary framework conditions to enable the university's staff to make this new form of publishing possible.

  7. OpenAIRE

    OpenAIRE is an electronic research infrastructure in the European Union.

  8. Phaidra

    With the digital repository Phaidra, publications from research and teaching can be stored, documented and electrinically archived.

  9. u:cris

    This platform lists the research (publications, lectures, etc.) of the staff of the University of Vienna.

  10. u:scholar 

    The institutional open-access full-text repository u:scholar  enables researchers to collect and present the research output of the University of Vienna.