Teaching library

Library instruction is provided on different levels in the English and American Studies Library.

  • In the first weeks of term guided tours are offered for new users of the library. Later, library tours are available on request.
  • Library and Information Training Sessions take different user groups' needs into account. Check the Library News for current sessions.
  • Library tours and a library skills component are provided for the ILSS1 classes taught at the Department of English.
  • The Library supports tutors of the Department of English in the library component of their tutorials for lectures or introductory seminars.
  • Further Library instruction sessions for more advanced students focusing on selected databases or on web resources for English and American studies are available on request and are usually offered as part of classes taught at the Department of English. Individual or group research skills sessions can be arranged.
  • During term time, information on subject databases and similar subject-specific questions is available from the special librarian from Monday and Wednesday between 4 and 6 p.m. at the information desk or on request. Please do not hesitate to knock on the Librarian's door. There is an open door policy.

Why not read the librarian's blog on information literacy issues for English and American Studies  in which the question of searching for, finding and managing academic information ?

Please take note of the library instruction provided in the main library, much of which will be useful for users of the English and American Studies Library.