Digitized slides from the collection of the Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies

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CD 1 Historical maps
Humor, Moldovitsa, mosaics, paintings, icons
Veronet: mosaics, paintings, icons
Albania, Apollonia
Relations with Venice
San Marco, Lepanto, Methoni,
Zakynthos, Serifos, Kozani
Meteora monasteries
CD 2 Churches, floor plans, wall paintings, mosaics
Macedonia (Yugoslavia): Ohrid, monastery Sveti Naum
Chalkidike (churches and other)
CD 3 End of 19th, beginning of 20th centuries
Constantinople/Asia minor, Rhodes, Cyprus
Literature / education
17th to beginning of 19th centuries
Peace of Pazarevac
Personalities and other
CD 4 Modern Greek Symposium, 1984
Detail pictures
Details of fabrics, architecture, sculpture, pictures
Medieval galley in the port of Rhodes
Rotonda Thessaloniki
Priest with student, Patmos
CD 5 Minor arts, sculptures, articles of daily use
i.a. details of capitals, animal reliefs, gold jewellery
Dumbarton Oaks, Byzantine Collection
The Andrei Rublev Museum of Early Russian Art
CD 6 Byzantine coins
Byzantine coins (seals)
CD 7 Crete
Churches, architecture, floor plans, wall paintings
fortifications, views, maps of Crete
Excursion to Crete 1987
painting, Michael Damaskenos
CD 8 Magdeburg, cathedral
Halberstadt, treasury of the cathedral
Berlin, Bode-Museum
CD 9 Constantinople
Chora Museum, St. Sophia, mosques in Istanbul,
Tekfur Serail, palace, city map, city walls
Topkapi Serail
life in Constantinople and under Turkish rule
CD 10 Manuscripts
Chludor Psalter
Psalter Pantokrator
Ecclesiastical manuscripts
CD 11 Greek-Turkish war 1897
Crete, mainland
After 1897
Crete, Macedonia, 1908-1911,
Balkan wars (1912-1913)
Until 1916, 1916-1918, Macedonian front, Constantinople / Asia minor
Treaties of Neuilly and S�vres 1920
Asia minor 1921-1922
Greek politics from 1922
International relations until 1930
Greece after 1935 until 1941 (Metaxas, Albanian front, Crete, Rhodes, Cyprus)
Poets and writers
Art and culture
CD 12 King Otto, reign
Trikoupis (between 1875-1895)
cartoons, building activity, Olympic Games