Europe’s Border Crisis

Vaughan-Williams, Nick (Hrsg.): Europe’s Border Crisis: Biopolitical Security and Beyond. Oxford Scholarship Online, 2015.
→ Oxford University Press

"The European Union (EU) Commission champions a ‘migrant-centred’ approach to border security and ‘irregular’ migration management: it claims not only to observe human rights, but also to use surveillance to enhance the humanitarian protection of ‘endangered’ lives on land and sea. Yet, research presented by non-governmental organizations and ‘irregular’ migrants’ own testimonies reveal systemic border violence, dehumanization in spaces of detention, and exposure to death via abandonment in hostile environments. This book turns to conceptual resources found in biopolitical theory in order to move diagnoses of EUrope’s border crisis beyond that of a ‘gap’ between the policy ‘rhetoric’ of humanitarianism and the ‘reality’ of ‘irregular’ migrants’ embodied experiences." (Verlagstext)