Tiananmen Redux

Lagerqvist, Johan (Hrsg.): Tiananmen redux - The hard truth about the expanded neoliberal world order. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Edition, 2016.
→ Peter Lang Verlag

"This book contends that the massacre of civilians in Beijing on June Fourth 1989 was a pivotal rupture in both Chinese and world history. If not for that day, China’s socioeconomic, political and cultural landscape would not have undergone the kind of dramatic transformation that has made China rich but unequal, open but hyper-nationalist, moralistic but immoral and unhappy. Through the lens of global history the book revisits the drama of Tiananmen and demonstrates how it unfolded, ended, and ultimately how that ending – in a consensus of forgetting – came to shape the world of the 21st century." (Verlagstext)