We Are Iraqis

Al-Ali, Nadje and Al-Najjar, Deborah (Hrsg.): We Are Iraqis. Aesthetics and Politics in a Time of War. Syracuse, New York: Syracuse University Press, 2013.
→ Syracuse University Press

"While the occupation of Iraq and its aftermath has received media and political attention, we know very little about the everyday lives of Iraqis. Iraqi men, women, and children are not merely passive victims of violence, vulnerable recipients of repressive regimes, or bystanders of their country’s destruction. In the face of danger and trauma, Iraqis continue to cope, preparing food, sending their children to school, socializing, telling jokes, and dreaming of a better future. Within the realm of imagination and creative expression, the editors find that many Iraqi artists have not only survived but have also sought healing."(Verlagstext)