Seat Reservations

Due to the hygiene and distancing regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, seats are currently only available in limited quantities at Vienna University Library. We therefore offer online seat reservations at selected locations in order to be able to ensure compliance with the university's COVID-19 regulations and to offer library users the certainty that they will be given a seat in the reading rooms.

You can use this page to book a seat in the library

Please note that a reservation ticket is required to use the reading areas with seat reservations.

Book a ticket

A place can be booked no earlier than 7 days before the desired date.


  • Select the date and time period for which you would like to reserve a seat.
  • Click on "Register", enter your name and a valid e-mail address, and confirm the order.
  • After a successful reservation you will receive an email with the download link for your seat ticket.
  • You need the ticket for check-in at the counter before you take your seat.
  • Keep the ticket with you for the entire duration of your stay.
  • Please cancel your reservation if you cannot keep the appointment.
  • Please arrive at the library in due time. We reserve the right to cancel unused reservations at any time.

If you have already booked a ticket

To view or change the status and the details of your reservation, please click on the link in the e-mail that we sent you to confirm your order. If you cannot find it, you can request the link again .

Please note that the reservation service of the Unversity Library Vienna is a service free of charge; we do not ask for payment details.