Creating Data Management Plans

Dienstag, 16.01.2024, 13:00 Uhr

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Research funding bodies increasingly require data management plans (DMPs) when submitting a research project. DMPs support researchers in planning and organizing resources (staff, timelines and finances) and serve as a basis for good (research) data management. DMPs are usually structured by questionnaires and should be understood as living documents, i.e. they should be updated regularly in the course of a research project.
This workshop provides guidance on how to create and maintain a data management plan based on funder's specifications - especially the FWF and Horizon Europe and introduces basic aspects of good Research Data Management, such as data archiving, licences, persistent identifiers and data sharing, as well as the corresponding tools and services of the University of Vienna.


The workshop format is based mainly on the FWF's and Horizon Europe DMP templates and guides participants through the questionnaires using examples and hands-on tips and tricks. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the DMPs of their own research projects and discuss them in the plenary as well as in (small) groups.


Forschende (Einsteiger*innen), Uni-Lehrende (Einsteiger*innen)




Zeit: Dienstag, 16.01.2024, 13:00 Uhr

Dauer: 180 min

Ort: Jura Soyfer-Saal at the Hofburg, 1010 Wien, Batthyanystiege, 1st floor

Format: Präsenzveranstaltung

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Vortragende*r: Monika Bargmann, Emily J. Kate

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