Using the Library

The Astronomy Library is primarily available to all persons who study, teach or conduct research at the Department of Astronomy of the University of Vienna. In addition, the Library is open to the public and available to anyone who is interested.

The library holdings are divided into open stacks and closed stacks from which items may be borrowed. The Vienna University Library regulations (PDF, in German) apply. You can use one of six workstations in the open-shelf area to use books at the Library. Current periodical issues are displayed in the periodicals reading room. Basically, you can borrow any monographs published as of 1901. In addition, you can also find some books of the Astronomy Library at the textbook collection at the Main Library.

You can request books kept in the closed stacks, as well as old and valuable items kept in the closed rare items stacks online via u:search or in person. Items kept in the closed periodicals stacks can be ordered at the reading room during the opening hours of the Library. We will process your order immediately and collect the ordered item from the stacks right away.

You can also use a computer with access to the Internet and the online catalogue, as well as a microfiche reader and a copier at the Library. If necessary, you can borrow a copy card at the Library. One copy costs € 0.10.