Library Card

You require a library card to borrow books from the Vienna University Library or to use books kept in closed stacks.

The following persons are eligible for a library card:

How do I receive a library card?

Students and employees of the University of Vienna:

  1. Students who have a u:card already have a valid library card.
  2. Students who still have an old paper student ID card have to contact our employees at the library counter.
  3. Employees who have a u:card have to accept the library’s terms and conditions on u:space  to receive a valid library card.
  4. Employees who do not have a u:card have to order a u:card on u:space and accept the library’s terms and conditions . The u:card also serves as the library card.

All other library users including members of other universities:
  • Please take the following steps to receive a library card:

    1. If you do not have a u:account, you need to register for a u:account  UserID. (If you have an expired u:account and still know your password, you can also reactivate your old u:account .)
    2. Next, please register via the initial registration  web form and upload a photo for your u:card. We have prepared a user guide for the procedure. You can now request books via u:search.
    3. To complete your initial registration, please send all required documents to
    4. The u:card will be delivered by post
    5. As soon as you have validated your u:card at one of the u:card terminals , the u:card is valid and shows its expiration date..

  • Please note that, for contractual reasons, persons with or without a library card who do not study or work at the University of Vienna may only use licensed electronic resources (e-books, e-journals, databases) on certain research PCs at the Main Library and the special libraries.

Extending the Library Card

Your library card is valid for as long as you are employed with the University of Vienna or enrolled in a degree programme at the University.

All other library users can extend their library card at the University Library by sending the required documents via e-mail to Your u:card is valid again as soon as you have validated it.


The library card is free of charge for members of an Austrian university or university of applied sciences. Our overview table provides information for all other persons.

Your first u:card is issued free of charge. A replacement for your u:card costs € 15, to be ordered and paid online through u:space .

Change of Address:

Students of the University of Vienna can update their address information directly in u:space .

Employees of the University of Vienna have to notify their organisational unit about the change of address.

All other library users have to provide an official proof of residence to the Library. You may also send a scanned version of the proof of residence via e-mail to

In case of loss or theft:

You can disable and enable  the functions of your u:card yourself. Until you receive your new u:card, you can borrow books at the University Library using an official photo ID.

Library users who have lost their u:card or whose u:card was stolen should diasble the card as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can be held liable if someone else borrows books using your library card.