Library Card

A library card is required for borrowing books from the library or ordering them from the closed stacks. It also enables access to the WiFi network of the University of Vienna.

Library cards are issued to:

Receiving a Library Card

Students and staff of the University of Vienna:

  1. Students with a u:card already have a valid library card.
  2. Students with a paper student ID please go to the information desk.
  3. Staff with a u:card need to confirm the library regulations in u:space , after which they have a valid library card.
  4. Staff without a u:card need to order a u:card and confirm the library regulations in u:space .

All other persons including students and staff of other universities:
  • Please follow these steps to receive a library card:

    1. As you need an electronic ID, you need to create a u:account  (if you have an expired u:account, you can reactivate  it).
    2. You need to register for the library card  and upload a photograph of yourself. As soon as you have done this, you can order books in u:search.
    3. To conclude the registration, you need to come to the library card counter in the main library and show the required documents. Immediately afterwards, you can borrow books using an official ID (passport, driver's licence).
    4. You will receive a u:card by mail.
    5. Validate the u:card at one of the u:card terminals  and the library card will be valid.

  • Please note that due to legal obligations, persons who are neither students nor staff of the University of Vienna can use licenced electronic resources (e-books, e-journals, databases) only in our libraries on certain research terminals or through the university's WiFi network.

Renewing the Library Card

Students and staff of the University of Vienna have a valid library card for as long as they are employed by or studying at the University of Vienna.

All other library users can renew their library card by coming to the library, showing the required documents and subsequently validating their u:card.

If you own a library card with an UB Account (ub00000x), please note that these cannot be renewed. Please apply for a u:account on the registration website  and inform the library staff.


The use of the library is free of charge for the staff and students of Austrian universities and Fachhochschulen. Other persons can find the applicable details on the overview.

Your first u:card is issued free of charge. A replacement for your u:card costs € 15, to be paid in the library.

Change of Address:

Students of the University of Vienna can update their address information directly in u:space .

Staff of the University of Vienna please notify their department of any changes of address.

All other library users need an official certificate of residence , which has to be shown to the library or scanned and mailed to

Theft or Loss:

Owners of a u:card can lock and unlock  the u:card themselves. While the u:card is locked, it is possible to borrow books with an official ID (passport, driver's licence).

Library users who do not own a u:card need to contact the library (, T: +43-1-4277-15120) as soon as possible to lock the library account, as you are fully liable for any books that others are borrowing with your library card.