Research tools

We provide a range of finding aids that help you search the holdings of the Vienna University Archive. Some finding aids are available online, while some others are only available in the reading room. The team at the Vienna University Archive is happy to give advice regarding your research project.

The archive information system lists and describes holdings, file series and, occasionally, single files, documents and items from collections. An overview of the holdings is available under the Archive plan search tab. It is not a complete detailed index of the entire archive holdings. For an exhaustive research at the Archive you still have to use finding aids, indices, etc. in the reading room of the Vienna University Archive.

Digitised finding aids

For the business files of faculties and the Rectorate, the offices have compiled file indices that serve as an important research tool. The Vienna University Archive has begun to digitise these indices and make them available online.

Indices to the files of the Rectorate and the academic Senate
Historical student records

The Vienna University Archive keeps records of all students who studied at the University of Vienna between 1377 and the 20th century. The form in which student records were kept has undergone continuous change over the centuries. The most important sources for student records are:

  • Register book (matriculation book) from the Middle Ages until the early 20th century
    Partial edition of the register book (matriculation book) 
    A register of students from the middle of the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century is available in the reading room.
  • “Wiener Artistenregister“ (Viennese artist index) 1416-1555 
    Index of persons holding a Magister degree or Bakkalar degree in the Acta Facultatis Artium, volume 2-4.
  • (National) enrolment forms from the middle of the 19th century until the 20th century
  • Available on microfilm at the reading room for the period before 1918Digitisation in progress
  • Doctoral viva records and files
  • Records of conferrals of doctoral degrees
Further reading:

Johannes Seidl, Von der Immatrikulation zur Promotion. In: Stadtarchiv und Stadtgeschichte. Linz 2004.  (from the matriculation to the doctorate).

Library of the Vienna University Archive

The Vienna University Archive has a reference library focussing on the history of the University of Vienna and the history of science. You may only use this reference library in the reading room. You can search the entire reference library via u:search.