Lending Services

You can borrow books that may be borrowed overnight or over the weekend. You need a valid library card of the Vienna University Library to borrow books.

Please note that you cannot reserve books or renew loans of books shelved at the Archaeology and Numismatics Library yourself.

If you return books late, your user account will be blocked and you have to pay reminder fees.

Inter-library loans are possible.

Borrowing items overnight

You can borrow books daily from 9:00 onwards. You have to return the books by 12:00 on the following day at the latest.

Borrowing items over the weekend

You can borrow books on Friday from 9:00 onwards. You have to return the books on Monday by 12:00 at the latest.

Items that may not be borrowed

You may not borrow reference works, dictionaries, periodicals and old books. Please see the relevant details on u:search.