Using the library

The four subject areas covered by the Archaeology and Numismatics Library are shelved in separate rooms in the building. They have different terms of usage and different opening hours:

The holdings of the subject area of classical archaeology are shelved together with the library of the Austrian Archaeological Institute (Austrian Academy of Sciences).


The four sub-libraries are reference libraries with reduced loan charges. Library users can simply take the books from the open stacks. They can borrow books for 7 days. Please read the Borrowing section to learn more about the terms and conditions for borrowing items.

The Vienna University Library regulations apply.

Closed stacks

Part of our holdings are shelved in the closed stacks of the special library. Upon request, we collect books from the closed stacks any time for you. Please contact the employees at the information desk.


Part of our holdings are kept in the closed depository of the Vienna University Library. This mainly applies to duplicates or old volumes. Upon request, the library employees order these books for you and prepare them for collection on Wednesdays (they remain ready to collect for one week). Please contact the library employees if necessary.