Using the Library

The Geography and Regional Studies Library is an academic library open to the public offering a lending service. The Vienna University Library regulations apply.

The holdings of the Library are shelved according to the University’s classification system. You can find an overview of the Library at the reading room. The shelf marks consist of Roman numerals, a capital letter as well as a consecutive number (e.g. VIII B-570).

Some of our holdings are kept in the reading room of the Library (=open-shelf area). You can find current literature, basic literature, reference works, academic theses as well as some of our current series and periodicals subscriptions in the open-shelf area. Please take the books from the shelves and borrow them at the information desk. You cannot reserve the books kept in the open-shelf area.

A large part of our holdings is kept in the closed stacks, which are not publicly accessible. Please note – NEW: You have to request books that are kept in the closed stacks online via u:search. Our employees collect requested items from the stacks once a day in the morning and prepare them for collection at the information desk. You will receive a notification e-mail as soon as the items are ready to collect. We keep books you requested ready to collect for 7 days, including Sundays and public holidays.

Recent acquisitions that may be borrowed as well as reserve collections for the current semester that may not be borrowed are displayed by the information desk.

The reading room has 15 workstations as well as 4 research workstations. Our group study room can accommodate 20 persons.