Shelfmark classification

The shelving order of our print items follows a shelfmark classification that has been developed for this library since the 1960s.

Reading room

  • RABI
    Classical RABbinical literature = sources, original and in translation (Mishnah, Talmud, Tosefta, Midrash).
    Secondary literature to the sources in RABI.
  • MIN
    „MINhag“. Practical halakhah. Ritual, custom, annual and life cycle; liturgical and prayer texts; liturgical music.
  • MA
    History and literature from the Jewish Middle Ages in the Islamic and Christian worlds; philosophy, poetry, and commentary; Genizah literature; inquisition and the expulsion of the Jews from the Iberian peninsula; hekhalot literature and Haside Ashkenaz; the crusades.
  • KAR
  • L
    Reference Library. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances, bibliographies.
  • LAK
    Regional Studies („LAndesKunde“). History and Society of Palestine after the Muslim conquest; Zionism; History and Society of the yishuv and of the State of Israel; geography, travel guides; Modern Middle East.
  • SPR
    Language ("SPRache"). Semitic studies (Hebrew, Aramaic); grammars and language textbooks.

Compact shelves

  • NEUZ
    Modernity. ("NEUZeit"). Modern history, communities, and societies of the Jewish Diaspora.
  • FEST
  • JID
    "JIDdisch". Literary editions in original and in translation. Yiddish linguistics, dictionaries, literary studies.
  • LAD
    LADino. Literary editions in original and in translation. Ladino linguistics, dictionaries, literary studies.
  • ANT
    ANTiquity. Ancient history of the people of Israel and the Near East; archaeology.
  • SCRI
    SCRIpta. Ancient epigraphics, numismatics, papyrology.
  • ML
    Modern Hebrew literature. Original and translated editions. ModernJewish literature in Hebrew (and other languages).
    RELigion and PHilosophy. Modern Jewish philosophy; haskalah; mysticism (Zohar und Kabbalah) and Hasidism; modern religious currents (Reform, Orthodoxy...); sects and fringe groups; Jewish identity, external perceptions and stereotypes; gender and sexual orientation in relation to Jewish tradition.
  • AUS
    AUStriaca. Intellectual and political history of the Jews of Austria from the Middle Ages to World War II; Austrian Jewish communities after 1945, remigration, restitution (debate); diplomatic and other relationships between Austria and Israel.
  • ASEM
    AntiSEMitism. Christian anti-Judaism; modern antisemitism and Shoah; history of exile; "new", left-wing, and Muslim Antisemitism, anti-Zionism.
  • KU
    The arts (= „KUnst") and material culture. Jewish arts; Jewish museums; architecture; film; illumination and codicology; music and literature; Jewish artists.
  • BIB
    The Hebrew BIBle. Targum and other Jewish translations of the Bible; commentaries; biblical history and narrative.
  • NT
    New Testament. Early christianity in relation to Judaism; church fathers and Judaism; Jewish-Christian dialogue.
  • H
    Hellenistic-Jewish literature and culture; Flavius Josephus and Philo of Alexandria.
  • AP
    APokrypha and pseudepigrapha of the Hebrew Bible.
  • Q
    Qumran. The Dead Sea Scrolls - source editions, original and in translation, analysis.
  • SAM
  • HAB
    Habilitation theses.
  • DISS
    Doctoral theses.
  • MAG
    Master theses.
  • K
  • Z
  • R

Media cabinet