Using the Library

The Art History Library provides relevant literature, including books and electronic resources as well as study and working spaces for all persons who teach, study or conduct research at the Department of Art History of the University of Vienna. However, other users are also welcome to use the Library as it is a public academic library.

The Vienna University Library regulations (PDF, in German) apply.

Please note that you are obliged to use of the cloakroom and that you are not allowed to take food or beverages with you, closed bottled water is allowed.

If you want to talk on the phone or enjoy a snack or a drink, please use our common room in front of the Library’s entrance. Please keep in mind that the Library aims at creating an environment that encourages focused working and studying.

Open-shelf area

Most of the library holdings are publicly accessible. Their location and shelf mark are specified on u:search. Please put the books back on the shelves in the correct place when you do not need them anymore.

Systematic shelving

The books are arranged according to subject. To find a book, please check its location code and shelf mark on u:search. Floor plans and shelf mark lists help you finding your way around the library.

Requesting items from the stacks

Especially valuable books (location: rare books and folios) are not publicly accessible and have to be requested via u:search. You will be notified as soon as the book is ready to collect at the information desk. We usually process requests within one calendar day. You may use these books in the Library only.

Ordering books with accessibility in mind

In principle, the Art History Library does not offer an ordering option for its books; library users generally need to take books from the shelves themselves. Users with physical disabilities, however, can obtain special authorization to order books to the information desk. They can then collect the books they have ordered there, either to read them in the library or to borrow them. If this is an option you would like to take advantage of, please send an email to: or contact the staff at the information desk.


In the Library there are 8 computers available for literature research on u:search, the search engine of the Vienna University Library.


There is one copier located in the catalogue room, you can use it via u:print (e.g. to print documents from databases, from the Internet or from a flash drive).


You can use two book scanners and a flatbed scanner for free in the catalogue room. The scanners are not connected to the Internet, so you have to use a flash drive. You can also borrow flash drives at the information desk.


Wi-Fi is available throughout the Library. Find out more about accessing the Internet at the Library.

Safety instructions

When moving mobile shelving, please use the locking system and safety elements.

Do you have any further questions?

If you have general questions about the holdings and using the Library, do not hesitate to consult our employees at the information desk. For subject-specific research, please contact: