Lending Services

Loanable books can usually be borrowed for 1, 14 or 56 days . To do this, you need a library card.


Borrowed books can be reserved. When the book is returned, you will be informed by email that you can collect the book from the departmental library. Reserved books are ready for you 5 working days.

Items that may not be borrowed

Older books (published more than 100 years ago) are excluded from the loan. Please note the corresponding information in u: search.

Academic research collections, projects

Academic staff at the University of Vienna can borrow books for up to one year with a project or course card, and up to 2 years with a research card. The name of the borrower is displayed in the online catalog and thus enables other users to access the literature. These works must be left in the rooms of the respective subunit at the University of Vienna.