Printing and copying

Several copiers are located within the special library which can be used by the library users.

Locations of the copiers

The copiers are usually located in separate copy rooms that are accessible via the Library.

  • Periodicals room, 2nd floor
  • Library 3rd floor/copy room (staircase 1)
  • Library 4th floor/copy room (staircase 1)
  • Library 5th floor/copy room (staircase 1)
  • Library 6th floor/copy room (staircase 1)
Copy cards

To use the copiers, you need a copy card. You can buy copy cards (several numbers of copies) at the Facultas shop on the ground floor of the Juridicum. The special library does not sell copy cards.

Maintenance and support

Facultas is responsible for maintaining the copiers and provides customer support. Facultas also runs the Facultas shop located in the Juridicum building (T.: +43-1-4277-29828). If the paper tray is empty, please contact the librarian on the relevant floor or the employees at the law shop.