Periodicals reading room

Opening hours during the semester
Monday 10am-1pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
The periodical reading room is currently closed due to construction work!

Reference holdings of recently published periodicals

The majority of the periodicals published during the current year are available at the periodicals reading room, arranged in alphabetical order. These items are part of the reference holdings. Therefore, they may not be borrowed. However, you may make copies. To use the copier in the periodicals reading room, you need a Facultas copy card. You can buy copy cards at the Facultas shop on the ground floor of the Juridicum.

You can find periodicals that were published the week before at a specially labelled table in the periodicals reading room. During opening hours (Monday 9:00 to Friday 14:00), you are welcome to browse the collection of recently published periodicals.

Some periodicals can only be consulted at the relevant departments.

You can find bound old periodicals in the relevant libraries on different floors.

At the end of the current year, periodicals are bound into hardcover books. They are made available in the open-shelf areas of the special library, arranged by subject. Their location in the open-shelf areas is specified in the catalogues.

Using the periodicals reading room

You are obliged to leave your bags, jackets, coats, etc. in the cloakroom. Please check the catalogue to find the periodicals to which the Library currently subscribes. Find out more about searching the online catalogue under catalogues.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the periodicals reading room. Eating and talking on the phone are prohibited as well. Please set your mobile phone to silent mode to avoid disturbing other library users.