Using the Library

Attention: alteration as of Oct., 3rd 2022
As of October 3rd, 2022, the 2nd basement floor is no longer accessible. Our book holdings from this area can be ordered online in u:search and borrowed. The books are ready for collection at the information desk after notification by e-mail (letter of availability).
If you have questions, please ask the colleagues at the information desk or write an e-mail to us.

The Department Library for Economics and Mathematics is a publicly accessible academic lending library. The Rule of Use applies to the libraries of the University of Vienna. The departmental library is an open access library. All shelves in the 1st basement are freely accessible. You can take the desired works off the shelves yourself and read them in the reading room or, if they can be borrowed, Borrowing take them to the information desk or to the self-check stations on the ground floor.


You are obliged to leave your belongings in the cloakroom. You can use the lockers to store your jackets, bags, etc. Locker keys are available at the information desk once your have presented your library card (u:card). If you do not have a library card, we also accept a valid photo ID card as a deposit.
If you only want to get a book from the open access areas and do not want to stay in the library longer, you do not need a cloakroom key. There is a table at the loan desk where you can leave your bag for the duration of your stay (please take out valuables such as mobile phones or wallets).

Library ID card creation

The creation of an ID card or clarification of ID problems (renewal, missing documents, problems with the u: account) is only possible from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is not possible on Saturday.
Outside of these times, please contact the ID card counter in the loan department of ​​the main library.

Study spaces / lounge

There are 247 study spaces in the reading room. Mostly of them offer power sockets. In addition, we offer cosy sofas and lounge furniture.

Computer room and research PCs

There is a PC room on the first basement level, equipped with 18 PC workstations. In addition, there are 5 research devices in the library for research in the online catalog and for using the library's electronic offerings.

Copying / scanning

A u:print device u:print-device and a high-quality book scanner (free of charge, you need a flash drive) are located on the 1st basement floor. Information about the payment method you can also find on u:print-device.

Group study rooms

Two group study rooms with various numbers of study spaces each are located on the first basement floor. You can reserve the group study rooms (for groups of at least 5 persons) at the information desk.

Ordering and collecting magazines

If you need journal articles that are not available online, please send an E-Mail to the Department of Economics and Mathematics with all the information you know about the author and title of the article and the year, number of issues and pages of the journal.
Please wait for a reply from the library, the journal will be fetched from the magazine and placed ready for you (normally on the next working day).
Magazines cannot be borrowed, you can either use the free scanner in the 1st basement (bring your USB stick), the Facultas copier machine or the u: printer (billing via the u: card).