Collection coordination

In 2010, the University of Vienna was the first Austrian university to install a collections coordinator to serve as an interdisciplinary interlocutor between the different collections and the university administration.

It is located at the Library and Archive Services and has the following tasks:

  • To create and manage a complete overview of all collections, their locations, institutional links, managers and contacts
  • To coordinate measures for the adequate and safe storage of the items and to hereby support the collection managers
  • To assist with the reception, inventory and cataloguing of the items in the process of changing locations as well as during acquisition, lending, exchange and exhibitions, nationally and internationally
  • To foster communication between the collections and to organise collection meetings
  • To develop consistent standards for dealing with collection items
  • To develop and implement a university-wide Collection strategy and collection policy
  • To coordinate and conduct digitization projects

You can find further information about the collections in the book Academic Showcases.

Photo: Claudia Feigl