Using the Library

General information

The Journalism, Communications and Informatics Library is an academic library open to the public offering a lending service. The Vienna University Library regulations (PDF, in German) apply. The Journalism, Communications and Informatics Library is an open-shelf library. This means that the shelves are publicly accessible (except for the stacks). You can take the books from the shelves and read them in the reading room or, if they may be borrowed, borrow them. We kindly ask you to leave the books (only books, which you didn´t borrow) on one of the shelving trolleys when you do not need them anymore.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the entire Library. Eating and drinking (except for bottled water) as well as talking on the phone is prohibited in the reading room.

Always follow the instructions given by the library staff.


Please note that you are obliged to use the cloakroom. You receive a key for a locker once you have presented your library card at the information desk. You can store bags, jackets, etc. in the locker. The key must be returned at the same day before the library closes.

Research PCs

The holdings of the Library are recorded in the library system. You can search them via u:search. Computers to search the online catalogue are located in the reading rooms on the 1st basement floor and 2nd basement floor.

Shelving / location code in u:search

  • Ground floor:
    • reference works (N-)
    • books to the subject "Artificial Intelligence" (KI-)
    • bound journals
  • 1st basement floor (1. UG):
    • shelf marks 15,000 and ongoing
    • diploma theses in the field of journalism (DA-)
    • monographic series (Re-)
    • journalism collection (SJ-)
    • periodicals subscriptions
  • 2nd basement floor (2. UG):
    • shelf marks 4,000 to 14,999
    • shelf mark INF-
    • shelf mark E-
    • doctoral theses in the field of journalism (Diss-)
    • diploma theses/doctoral theses in the field of computer science (D-INF-)
    • (bound) journals
    • old reference works (N-)
  • Stacks (MAG):
    • shelf marks 1 to 3,999
    • old items
    • doctoral theses from Salzburg (DS-)
    • Works from the stacks have to be ordered via the online catalogue. You can collect them from the information desk on the next working day and use them in the reading room.


Print journals can be found on the shelves on the wall near the book scanner in the 1st floor. They are arranged in alphabetical order. All other journals as well as bound journals can be found on the 2nd basement floor. They are organised in alphabetical order (journals in the area of computer science) or according to their P-shelf mark (journals in the area of journalism).

Study spaces / lounge

The reading room provides study spaces with Wi-Fi and power sockets. On the 1st basement floor, a lounge with red sofas invites you to stay and enjoy a good read. There are also 3 individual workstations with sockets in the 1st floor.

Reserve collection folders

Reserve collection folders provided by teachers of the Department can be found on the 1st basement floor in the back of the shelf area to the left (near the u:print device, on the shelf next to the copy card dispenser). Please note: The Library only provides the space for the folders. Teachers are responsible for compiling and administering the folders.


A u:print device and a high-quality book scanner (free of charge, you need a flash drive) are located on the 1st basement floor. You need the u:card to use the u:print device. When copying/scanning documents protected by copyright law, please note the provisions specified in articles 42 ff. of the copyright act (Urheberrechtsgesetz).

Group study room

A group study room for up to 6 persons .

You can reserve the group study room via reservation system