Lending Services

You can borrow books that may be borrowed for 28 days. Books shelved in the reserve collections and books from the shelf mark groups C and E may be borrowed over the weekend, i.e. from Friday, 12:00 until Monday, 12:00. You need a library card to borrow books.

Loan conditions

Loanable items Loan period Reservation Loan renewal
50 28 Days yes Automatically*; up to 1 year
50 1 Day no no
50 Weekend no no

*Automatic loan renewal only works: if no other user reserved the book, the maximum loan period is not reached yet and user rights haven‘t been cancelled because of overdue books.


You can reserve books that are currently borrowed (specified on u:search as: “On loan until DD.MM.YYYY” under “Status”). You will receive a notification e-mail as soon as the book has been returned to the special library and is ready to collect. We keep books you reserved ready to collect for 5 working days.

Books that may not be borrowed

You may not borrow academic theses (doctoral theses, diploma theses, master’s theses) as well as periodicals. Please see the relevant details on u:search.

Reserve collection for the current semester You can borrow books from the reserve collection for the current semester over the weekend.