Using the Library

The Translation Studies Library is part of the Vienna University Library and is open to the public. It is primarily available to all people who study, teach and conduct research at the Centre for Translation Studies. The library holdings are divided into open stacks and a closed stacks including a lending service. The Vienna University Library regulations apply.

Reading rooms

The large reading room and the small reading room offer sufficient study spaces. In the small reading room, you are even allowed to talk while studying, translating and practicing in groups.


The catalogue room offers ten PCs with access to u:search. The Centre for Translation Studies offers PC workstations for e-learning and word processing as well as a printer (seminar room 10).


There is a u:print device where you can print and copy at the special library using your u:card for payment.


A scanner is available at the library free of charge. You need a flash drive to store the scanned documents.