The Digital Archives

Phaidra-Collection "Archive of the University of Vienna"

The archive of the University of Vienna is constantly digitizing special pieces from its collections. Criteria for the selection of the archives to be digitized are the protection of valuable old collections, the improvement of accessibility and the increase in the visibility of archive material.

Historical finding aids for file stocks (file indexes)

Although the depth of development of the archive holdings in the archive information system has already progressed to the file and document level in many areas, in some sub-collections it is still necessary to resort to traditional finding aids (file indices) to find files. In order to facilitate an online search, at least in the area of ​​the Rectorate files, the file indexes for the "Kurrentakten" of the University Consistory, the Rectorate and the Academic Senate were digitized and made freely accessible online for the period before 1946.

Students Registry

The student residence of past centuries forms a historically grown collection of different archives, which have their origins and order to a specific process in the course of a university study owe: enrollment, semester-wise enrollment of courses, final examinations (rigors) and graduation or promotion.

The current digitization focus is the documents for enrollment, the so-called "national" and study catalogs (inscription forms). Not only can they be used to reconstruct study histories, they also contain biographical data that is equally valuable for historical research and genealogy.

Pictures Collection

The offer is supplemented by the extensive collection of images in the archive, mainly consisting of photographs and graphics, which mainly contains illustrations of important persons in university history and university buildings. The collection is digitally represented with view images in the archive information system.