Archive Library
Reference library, focus on university and scientific history; approx. 80,000 volumes
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Document series
3 series, 1220-1991

Mainly professorial bequests:
Guido Adler (musicology), Viktor Bibl (history), Eduard Fenzl (botany), Hugo Hassinger (geography), Joseph Hirn (history), Anton Hye (criminal law), Max Hermann Jellinek (German studies), Anton Kerner (botany), Hans Kreller (history of law), Karl Lindner (ophthalmology), Richard Meister (education), Adolf Merkl (constitutional law), Franz Miklosich (Slavic studies), Jakob Minor (German studies), Richard Pittioni (prehistory), Willibald Plöchl (canon law), Oswald Redlich (history), Leopold Scheidl (economic geography), Karl Schrauf (history), Karl Tomaschek (German studies), Josef Unger (civil law), Richard Wettstein (botany), Franz Christoph Wieser (theology)
Various estate fragments

Other collections
Autographs, photographs, paintings, newspaper clippings, medals, typars and stamps, seals, tapes, pamphlets, wall maps, microfilms, etc.