The following holdings are available at the African and Middle Eastern Studies Library:

  • About 84,000 monographs and series
  • More than 500 diploma theses and doctoral theses
  • 353 periodicals, 89 of which are ongoing periodicals subscriptions (African Studies: 27; Near Eastern Studies: 71) Total holdings in the field of African studies (PDF, in German) (For the total collection of holdings in the field of Near Eastern studies, please see the online catalogue.)
  • 60 maps (collection in the field of Near Eastern studies (PDF, in German)
  • 650 sound storage media (records, music cassettes, CDs, DVDs, etc.)
  • 30 video cassettes

The focus in the area of African studies (about 37,000 volumes) is on African languages, politics, economy, regional studies, history and literature. The focus in the Near Eastern studies collection (about 47,000 volumes) is on ancient Semitic philology and oriental archaeology (Assyrica, Persica, Semitica; about 21,000 volumes), Arabic studies and Islamic studies (Arabica; about 15,000 volumes), as well as Turkish studies (Turcica; about 11,000 volumes).

In addition, the special library also stores parts of the library of the former Konsularakademie (consular academy) (about 1,800 volumes).