Please note:
  • The Turcica holdings are fully catalogued and can be found via u:search.
  • Books in Arabic are partially recorded in u:search.

Please use the card catalogues at the special library to search for holdings that have not yet been recorded in u:search:

  • Author catalogue African Studies 1873-1998
  • Alphabetical subject catalogue African Studies 1986-1998
  • Arabica author catalogue
  • Assyrica author catalogue
  • Persica author catalogue
  • Semitica author catalogue
Recommendations for searching for Arabic books in u:search:
  • Transcription follows the German standard for the transcription of the Arabic alphabet (DIN 31 635, April 1982) of the Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft (DMG).
  • Please do not add the Arabic article “al-” to the search term. For example, the appropriate search term for a book whose title starts with “al-urdunn” is “urdunn”.
  • You can ignore the dots and lines above and below the letters in the transcription when searching for a book. You can also ignore Hamza and Ayn when entering the search term (enter “hassa” instead of "ḥāṣṣa”, “gazair” instead of "al-ǧazā’ir”, and "Sana” instead of "Ṣanʿā’”).