Klassifikation 2

Deutsch English
A- Allgemeines general reference
AL- Amerikanische Literatur American literature
AR- Amerikanische Realien American regional studies
AUL- Literatur Australiens und Neuseelands Australian and New Zealand literature
AUR- Australische Realien Australian and New Zealand regional studies
BL- Britische Literatur British literature
BR- Britische Realien British regional studies (also Irish regional studies)
CL- Kanadische Literatur Canadian literature
CR- Kanadische Realien Canadian regional studies
EDV- Elektronische Datenträger electronic media
H- Hawthorne Long Loan Collection Hawthorne Long Loan Collection; loanable for 56 days
IL- Angloirische Literatur (ab ca. 1900) Anglo-Irish literature (from c.1900)
KJL- Kinder und Jugendliteratur Children's and Young Adult's Literature
L- Literaturtheorie und Weltliteratur literary studies, world literature
Mikroform- Mikrofiche, Mikrofilm microfiche, microfilm
P- Phonetik und Phonologie phonetics and phonology
PCL- Postkoloniale Literatur postcolonial literatures
PCR- Postkoloniale Realien postcolonial studies
R- Realien (allgemein) other subjects, cultural studies
S- Sprachwissenschaft linguistics
Sprachlabor- Audiomedien audiotapes, Cds
SUU- Sprachunterricht language teaching
SUY- Sprachunterricht (Übungsbücher) language practice books
Tonträger- Audiomedien audiotapes, CDs
Video- Videos videos
W- Wörterbücher dictionaries
Z- Zeitschriften, Reihen, Sammelbände, Hochschulschriften journals, book series, collections of writings by particular authors, theses

Many of these categories are subdivided into subcategories and even further. For a full list of shelfmark categories see the English and American Studies Library Classification document.

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