Using the library

For general information about library use, please read the library etiquette (Bibliotheksknigge), which includes information about the cloakroom, the use of mobile phones, eating and drinking at the Library, etc.

The Education, Linguistics and Comparative Literature Library is an open-shelf library. This means that you can access the shelves freely, simply take books from the shelves, read them at the reading room, or borrow them (if they may be borrowed) at the lending service.

Because of the COVID-19 situation the open-shelf section is not accessible at the moment. Please order books via u:search in advance.

Items that may be borrowed – items that may not be borrowed

Most books at the Education, Linguistics and Comparative Literature Library may be borrowed. As a general rule, you cannot borrow books that were published before 1911. This also applies to reference works, reserve collections and books shelved in the reference library. Periodicals may not be borrowed as well.

Terms and conditions for borrowing items

You can borrow up to 30 books at any one time. The number of books you have not borrowed yet (requests, reservations, books ready to collect) may not be higher than 10.

You can borrow books for a period of 28 days. You can reserve books that are currently borrowed by someone else. You can renew book loans via the online catalogue, provided that you renew the loan before the end of the loan period.

You will receive an e-mail reminder one week before the loan period ends. Please note: Please make sure that we always know your current e-mail address if you are studying at another university or if you have an annual pass. (You can change your e-mail address in your user account.) Please note: We cannot guarantee that you will receive an e-mail reminder. Therefore, please check your user account independently to see when the copies you borrowed are due for return.

After the loan period has ended, you will receive three overdue reminders in 9-day intervals for which you have to pay reminder fees. If you still fail to return the book(s) after the third reminder, your library account will be blocked and you are unable to borrow any further items. In addition, we will take legal action to reclaim the book(s) you borrowed. If you lose a book you borrowed, you have to replace it in any case.

We keep books ready to collect for 7 days as of the day we prepare them for collection.

You need a valid library card to borrow items.