Test materials

Access restrictions on test materials

In general, you cannot borrow test materials from the Education, Linguistics and Comparative Literature Library.

As a general rule, access to test libraries, test collections or test archives is restricted to authorised persons only due to reasons of test protection. (Authorised persons are: psychologists can access psychological tests; scholars in the area of education can access educational tests; linguists and students of the relevant degree programme can access language tests.)

Other interested persons may only use test materials for information purposes in the area of research and teaching. They have to demonstrate their legitimate interest in writing.

The access restriction on using test materials at the Education, Linguistics and Comparative Literature Library observes the applicable shipment restrictions of the publishers.

Another objective is to prevent unauthorised people from viewing test items and sharing test items or test results or other relevant information. In extreme cases, this could mean that the test procedures can no longer produce valid diagnostic results. This might compromise years of effort to ensure test results on a sound academic basis.

Detailed regulation:

• Scholars in the area of education, psychologists, linguists and students enrolled on degree programmes in Education, Psychology or Linguistics may access test materials.

• People from other disciplines who would like to view test materials, have to provide evidence that they require information about certain tests for academic purposes. They can only access the manual (i.e. no documents about carrying out the test).

• Individuals (e.g. applicants) cannot access the test materials for private purposes.

Information about copyright on test materials:

Test material is often quite expensive. Therefore, students and practitioners often try to copy them to carry out the test themselves. This is strictly prohibited due to copyright protection. The enclosed evaluation material only serves as a sample and may not be copied. We particularly refer to the rights of publishing and copyright.


Our employees have to collect the test material for you. Therefore, please contact us in advance. As soon as you have received a confirmation e-mail, you can view the test material on the next working day. Please remember to bring your confirmation (if necessary) or your student record sheet.

Responsible contact person:

Ariella Sobel
Head of the Education, Linguistics and Comparative Literature Library
T: +43-1-4277-16800
F: +43-1-4277-16809
E: ariella.sobel@univie.ac.at

Cf.: International Guidelines for Test Use (PDF, 353KB)