Technical Infrastructure


There is Wi-Fi (eduroam ) available throughout the entire library:

  • People with a library card: To connect your device with eduroam you have to log in with your u:account in the form of and your Wi-Fi password .
  • Guests "in transit" without a library card : Users above the age of 14 can ask for a voucher for limited Wi-Fi access at the lending desk by displaying an ID card. The voucher is valid for 14 days.

Research Computers

To research without complications there are five research computers available to our users. Four of them are located in the library's wardrobe area on the ground floor. A fifth one can be found on the second basement level of the library. Users can access the internet, conduct researches at u:search and save their results to an USB flash drive.

Computer Rooms

In addition to our research computers there are two computer rooms  with 17 computer workstations provided by the Vienna University Computer Center  located at our library as well. Only members of the University of Vienna (students, staff,...) can use the devices with a valid u:account.

u:print Devices

There are two u:print  devices located in the library, and another one in the foyer. You can print  (also via USB ) and copy  by using your u:card. Therefore you have to top up credit  on your u:card.

For information about the handling of our u:print devices you can also read the short instructions (only available in German).

Scanning  is free of charge.

Book Scanner

Next to our u:print device on the first basement level of the library there is a book scanner available as well. You can scan free of charge and without a u:card. To save your scans you have to connect an USB flash drive or an external hard drive.

For information about the handling of our book scanner please read the short instructions (only available in German).

When scanning copyrighted documents, please note the §§42 ff. UrhG .