Times for collecting books from the stacks and collecting books

When can I collect books I have requested?

If you request items before the relevant processing time, you can collect them at the time highlighted in bold.

Usage ProcessingReady to collect
Lending service, large reading room (Großer Lesesaal)
07:00 → 11:00
14:00 → 16:00
Periodicals room at Teinfaltstrasse 07:00 → 9:00 14:00 → 16:00
Reading room for old books → the following day

If you request books from the old stock, the depot and non-book materials, please wait for the notification that the item you requested is ready to collect.

Different times for collecting books from the stacks may apply during the summer and the Christmas holidays.


You will receive a notification e-mail as soon as the books you requested are ready to collect.

Collection period:

You can collect the books within 7 days (including Sundays and public holidays).