Teinfaltstrasse Library / Serials Department

  • Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 6:30pm
    Special opening hours apply during the holidays
  • T: +43-1-4277-15160
  • zsa.ub@univie.ac.at

The Teinfaltstrasse library, which also houses the main library's serials department, is located in Vienna's 1st district, Teinfaltstrasse no.8, ground floor. This is within 5 minutes' walking distance from the main university building.

The reading room offers 70 seats and is for the use of current newspapers and print journals as well as serials on microfilm and microfiche. None of these can be borrowed.

A selection of the most important journals is available for immediate use on open shelves; speak to a member of staff if you need a title that is not on the shelves. Once the serials have been bound into volumes, they are no longer available in the serials reading room; they are moved to the closed stacks and must be ordered for use in the large reading room.

Using the collections

The majority of the serials and newspapers is available in open shelves, ordered by topic. Other unbound serials must be ordered from the stacks and will be provided immediately if possible. Bound serials and newspapers cannot be used in this reading room; they must be ordered into the main reading room or borrowed like other books.

In addition, you can access the following media:

  • documentations, editions, university publications, journals and newspapers on microfiche and microfilm [*]
  • all books marked in u:search as "for use in serials room"
  • school book collection of the ministry of education, science and research
  • school book collection of the special library for education science

[*] Books and journals available on microfilm or microfiche cannot be ordered in print form; the mircoform must be used..


You can read or print articles from online journals at 8 computer workstations. Printouts can only be made on u:print devices (located in the main library, the university computing labs, and some special libraries).

To copy print articles, a copier is provided. You need a Facultas copy cards (available in the NIG shop).

There is also a reader-printer for the use of microforms. You can make printouts or save the files to a USB device.

Prices for photocopies

  • Microfiche or microfilm copy
    • A4: € 0.35
    • A3: € 0.70
  • Scanner copy: see Copy service

Book holdings

In addition to the serials, the Teinfaltstrasse library also houses 200,000 books with the shelfmarks

  • I-1 to I-23.999
  • II-1 to II-39.999
  • school publications with the shelfmarks 2.001 to 2.006
  • loose leaf collections
  • Schulbücher

You can order the books from the Teinfaltstrasse library online, or, if they cannot be found in u:search, using the "Special Request" option. Orders are processed at 7:00am and 2:00pm, and books are ready for collection about 2 hours later.

Exception: in case of a special order, please wait for the e-mail notification. Books that are older than 100 years can neither be borrowed nor copied.

By special appointment it is possible to conduct research directly in the closed stacks. This is, however, restricted to volumes than cannot be ordered online.


Bags (including laptop covers), coats and jackets must be deposited in the cloakroom. Drinks are allowed, but you may not consume any food in the reading area. Please switch your mobile phone to silent mode so as not to disturb others.