Copying / scanning

You can use the self-service copier and scanner as well as the copy service to make copies and scan items.

Self-service copier

Self-service copiers are available at the catalogue room, the copy centre next to the training classroom, the periodicals room and the textbook collection. You pay for printing using a prepaid card or (at some machines) coins. To copy books available at the reading room and catalogue room, please use the copier in the catalogue room only.

Some copiers allow you to scan A4 documents and store them on a flash drive. Please note the relevant labels on the copiers.

The self-service copiers are not operated by the Library but by two separate private companies. Their copy cards are not interchangeable. You can get "Best Copy” copy cards at the machine in the foyer. Facultas copy cards can be bought at the NIG shop.

Please note the applicable copyright stipulations (see article 42 f. of the copyright act (Urheberrechtsgesetz)) and any applicable copying restrictions.

Book scanner

Book scanners are available at the catalogue room as well as the copy centre. You can use them to scan books, newspapers and journals in formats up to A2, including items labelled with “Kopierverbot” (copying prohibited). Using the scanner is free of charge. All you need is a flash drive to save the scanned documents. Further information...


The copy centre is equipped with two u:print devices (Facultas copy card required). A third u:print device is located in the first room of the catalogue room. You also find computers of the ZID in the first room of the catalogue room, allowing you to send print jobs to a u:print device. Click here for further information about using the u:print devices.

Copy service

The copy service of the Vienna University Library makes copies and scans of books and journals and provides them on CD-R, DVD-R or on paper in DIN A4 or DIN A3 format, either in black-and-white or in colour. For the relevant prices, please see the order form available on our downloads page or at the information desk.

Please place your copying orders using the relevant form at the information desk in person. If you would like to place a copy order from outside Vienna, please contact the inter-library loan service of your nearest library.