On January 1, the »Central Library for Physics in Vienna« is established as the first inter-university institution in Austria.


The library's legal basis is adapted to the Austrian University Act UOG 93 and the name is changed to »Austrian Central Library for Physics«.


With the full implementation of the University Act 2002 (§136 (9)), the University of Vienna  becomes the legal successor of the Austrian Central Library for Physics.


On January 1, the library becomes part of the Vienna University Library and Archive Services..


In April, several sites of the former library of the Faculty of Chemistry are closed. From now on, their holdings are housed and managed at the Central Library for Physics. Due to the merging of the libraries, the resulting new institution is renamed to »Austrian Central Library for Physics & Chemistry Library«.

Recommended reading (in German): Österreichische Zentralbibliothek für Physik – Geschichte, Dokumente, Dienste  (ISBN 3952268909, Algoprint Verlags AG)