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  • Catalogues
    In library catalogues you can locate the libraries' holdings in books and journals.
  • Electronic journals
    Find out which electronic journals are available at Vienna University.
  • Databases
    Find subject specific and interdisciplinary databases relevant to English and American Studies.
  • English and American Studies Links
    Get connected to English and American Studies websites (departments, other libraries, etc.), subject portals and other sites of interest, including English language newspapers and magazines.

The librarian's blog infoliteracyforenglishetc  is dedicated to explore information literacy topics relevant to the subject of English and American studies. You can find her thoughts and reflections on such issues as how to find relevant information, what information resources there are and how to use them etc.

You can also follow the librarian on Twitter.

If you have further questions on library resources you are welcome to contact the members of the library team of the English and American Studies Library or the ubw:helpdesk.
Furthermore you may wish to attend training sessions held by the English and American Studies Librarian or avail of the library instruction offered by the Main Library.