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Can I find English language newspapers and magazines in the Library?
  • The Library offers a variety of English and American Studies academic journals, both in paper form and online.
  • As we are an academic library, our holdings do not include newspapers or weekly or monthly general magazines.
  • However, you can access the LexisNexis database provided by the University Library, which offers access to newspaper and journal articles.
Who can borrow what kinds of books/library items?
  • All readers with valid library cards
  • Whether or not books can be borrowed can be seen in the book information available via u:search.
  • Generally speaking, dictionaries (W-), reference works (A-), journals (Z-I), theses (Z-IV), items in reserve collections (Semesterhandapparat) and any items published more than a hundred years ago can be used in the library only.
Why are school books and media published after 2004 in a "Semesterhandapparat"?
  • This part of our holdings was mostly given to us as a present by the didactics teachers in the department to make availabe to students in didactics classes.
  • Since there are so many students doing didactic classes at the same time, they need to find a variety of school books in the library and use them there.
What does the information "Kopierverbot" mean?
  • We would ask our readers not to photocopy dictionaries.
  • With any other books, please contact the librarian on duty at the informaton desk.