Locating Library Items

In order to locate library items, readers need to find out the item's call number and the location of the shelves with this call number. To do so readers need to look up the item in the Library's media search engine u:search.

Open access (Freihandaufstellung): most library items can be picked up from the library shelves. After use in the library without loan they should be reshelved according to their shelf marks. Where exactly our open access shelves are located in the library can be learned from the signposts and maps in the library.

Due to Covid-19 all loanable open access items can be ordered via u:search. You will be notified by e-mail that you can collect the orderred items from the library counter.

Closed stacks ("Magazin") items are mostly non-book materials or rare and old materials. Such items must be ordered via u:search. The ordered items can be collected from the information desk the next day or, if you have placed a hold on a borrowed item, when the borrower has returned the loan. In the latter case you will be notified by e-mail. They can be collected from the information desk for a week before they are returned the closed stacks or made available to the next reader who has placed a hold.

Closed stacks items are retrieved from the closed stacks every day before we open the Library.

Reserve shelf items ("Semesterhandapparate", "Lehrveranstaltungsliteratur", "Course Reading") are items that have been placed on a special shelf under the surname of a university teacher for a semester or more because they have been deemed to be essential to university courses. These items are not loanable in order to allow access by as many students as possible. There are three separate locations for this kind of media, in the open access lower and upper floor levels and at the counter. The location information in u:search will reveal, which of these locations a particular item has.

A special case of a reserve collection concerns current school books in the upper level of the library. The books are shelved according to years 1-4 and years 5 upwards, broadly in alohabetical order. Other media like cds belonging with these books must be preordered and can be collected for use in the library from the library desk. In order to find out more about these titles or preorder those that need to be preordered, you should look for them with the help of the University Library search enginge u:search. Current schoolbook material can be used in the library (you will need to bring your own devices for audio-visual material); a special loan for one to two hours during the library opening hours in order to take schoolbook material to a didactics class of Unterrichtsfach English is possible; you will need to fill in a form and leave photo ID at the library desk.