Locating Library Items

In order to locate library items, readers need to find out the item's shelfmark and location. To do so readers need to consult the Library's media search engine u:search.

Open access (Freihandaufstellung): most library items can be picked up from the library shelves. After use they should be reshelved according to their shelf marks. Where our open access items are located can be learned from the open access shelf mark list.

Closed stacks items are mostly non-book materials or rare and old materials. Such items can be ordered via the u:search. The items can be collected from the information desk the next day. They can usually be collected from the information desk for a week before they are returned the closed stacks or made available to the next reader who has placed a hold. Whether or not the items are loanable or must be used in the library can be seen from the information in u:search.

Closed stacks items are retrieved from the closed stacks every day before we open the Library.

The following German terms for locations in the library refer to closed stacks items:

  • AV-Medien
  • Sondermagazin, Sondermagazin Grossformat

Reserve shelf items ("Semesterhandapparate", "Lehrveranstaltungsliteratur") are items that have been placed on a special shelf for a semester or more because they have been deemed to be essential to university courses. These items are not loanable in order to allow access by as many students as possible:

  • Semesterhandapparate, Reserve collections (except for special ones mentioned below: Items can be found on the shelf next to the photocopier on the lower level of the library. They are grouped under the name of the university teacher whose class they have been reserved for.
  • Fachdidaktiksemesterhandapparat: current schoolbooks can be found in a room on the upper level of the library (NB: Schoolbook non-book materials that are part of the "Semesterhandapparat Fachdidaktik" need to be ordered from the closed stacks and cannot been borrowed either.)
  • American Studies reserve collections: Items are kept near the American books on the upper floor.
  • Special reserve collection at the information desk: Items like folders or non-book materials may be kept at the information counter and students may be asked to deposit an ID until they return the items.