Transliteration in the online catalogue

When searching for Greek titles in the online catalogues of Vienna University Library please note: Greek letters according to the cataloguing rules for libraries of the German-speaking areas are not transliterated according to the common ISO norms , but according to the following system::

Greek letter Transliteration
A α a
ΑΙ αι ai
ΑΥ αυ au
ΑŸ αϋ aÿ
Β β b
Γ γ g
ΓΓ γγ ng
ΓΚ γκ inital: gk
in the middle of the word: nk
ΓΞ γξ nx
ΓΧ γχ nch
Δ δ d
Ε ε e
ΕΙ ει ei
ΕΥ ευ eu
Ζ ζ z
Η η ē
ΗΥ ηυ ēu
Θ θ th
Ι ι i
Κ κ k
Λ λ l
Μ μ m
ΜΠ μπ mp
Ν ν n
ΝΤ ντ nt
Ξ ξ x
Ο ο o
ΟΙ οι oi
ΟΥ ου u
ΟŸ οϋ oÿ
Π π p
Ρ ῥ ρ r
ΡΡ ῤῥ ρρ rr
Σ σ ς s
Τ τ t
Υ υ y
ΥΙ υι yi
Φ φ ph
Χ χ ch
Ψ ψ ps
Ω ω ō

Special characters:

(only valid for the polytonic orthography)

  • The accents Acute (΄), Grave (`) und Circumflex (~) are omitted.
  • Spiritus asper (῾) is transliterated as h with vowels only at the beginning of words, e.g.: Ὅμηρος = Homēros, εὑρητήριον = heurētērion
  • Spiritus lenis (᾿) as well as Iota subscript or Iota adscript are omitted.
  • Macrons and diereses don’t have to be entered when searching.