ORF Archive

The ORF archive currently (as of 2022) contains approximately 700,000 hours of film and video material and 550,000 hours of audio material. Analogue-produced historical holdings are continuously being digitised, and since the switch to fully integrated, digital television production in 2012, all ORF productions have been archived in purely digital form. This archive was created in 2016 by merging the television archive, the radio archive and the corporate archive. The multimedia archive of the ORF can be searched via the MARCO search engine at selected locations of the Vienna University Library. This provides students and academics with an important source on topics relevant to media and contemporary history.

The use of the ORF archive is subject to the Federal Archives Act. A summary of the rules of use according to the Federal Archives Act is available for download.

For licensing reasons, access is restricted to members of the University of Vienna, i.e. staff and students. Before each use, a form for use must be filled out and signed. This can be found on the websites of the respective library (see below).

For presentation in courses, individual programmes or contributions can be made available digitally through a streaming service for a limited period of time.

Access to the ORF archive