Library Etiquette

In return for the services our Library provides, readers are expected to respect the rights of others and the integrity of Library resources. We ask you

  • to be considerate to other Library users and respect their rights to work quietly
  • to ensure your mobile phone is in silent mode or switched off when you enter the Library and not to make or accept phone calls in the Library
  • not to bring food or drink (excluding water bottles) into the Library or to smoke in the Library
  • to deposit coats, jackets, bags etc. outside the library - keys for lockers are available for loan at the Library information desk
  • to look after your personal property and keep valuables with you all the time
  • to carry an ID card with you when you visit the library and show it to staff on request
  • to take care of books, journals and other library equipment
  • to return all library items to their proper locations after use
  • not to make any marks on library material
  • not to place open books face downwards or stacked on top of each other in order not to damage the spine
  • to follow staff instructions in connection with these library rules and in case of emergency

Thank you.

Our library's code of conduct for library users is based on the Regulations of the Libraries.