Library Infrastructure

The library is a place students and other patrons can use to study and read, and it provides an infrastructure for doing library research as well as a wide range of books relevant to English and American studies. Most of the library is a moderatley to very quiet zone but conversations / the use of your own computers for online classes are possible in three rooms* on the upper level of the library.

  • Library computer terminals: 5 on the lower level; 1 on the upper level; they are for library and research purposes and allow access to u:search, the library search engine, databases and electronic journals. Material can be sent from these terminals to any u:print printer to be printed out there.
  • Photocopying, printing and scanning facilities: Au:print device, which can be used by members of the university, is available. There is a book scanner that can be used for free, for which you need a usb stick.
  • WLAN coverage 
  • Work room: this room is situated on the upper level of the library. Its shelves contain non-current English schoolbooks and language practice books, all of which are loanable.
  • Schoolbooks room: this room is situated on the upper level of the library. Its shelves contain the current English schoolbooks, which can be used in the library.
  • The Television Room is a multi-purpose room. It can be booked for group or individual work for 2-3 hours during the opening hours until half an hour before closing time. Please contact the library team request a booking for the room. The booking needs to be confirmed by e-mail before it becomes valid.
  • There are three locations for books and other media kept in reserve collections for specific classes, one shelf mostly for American Studies classes on the upper level of the library, and one for all other classes on the lower level of the library. Books and media for which you are requested to leave ID as security can be collected from the library counter.