Library Overview

Library Areas


As in most libraries of the University of Vienna it is mandatory to deposit bags, coats, jackets, etc. in the cloakroom. You can only enter the library using a transparent bag or without any bag at all. Before entering the library you will receive a key to the lockers where you can store your personal belongings.

Information Desk and info desk area

At the information desk you will receive help with your questions and requests. Here you also receive your locker keys, collect placed orders and return loaned items. Our AV-Media can also be found at the information desk.

At the info desk area you can find:

  • Copy and scan machine
  • Book scanner
  • Reserve shelves of Korean Studies, Japanese Studies and ECOS (the reserve shelf of the Chinese Studies can be found inside the Chinese Studies section)
  • Location “East Asia: general"
  • 2 PCs accessible for research (east-asian language typing not supported)
  • 6 workspaces
Reading spaces at the glass-front

Here you can find:

  • Reference works (Chinese Studies)
  • 3 PCs
  • 15 workspaces
Open access

The holdings of the Library of Eastern Studies is, for the largest part, openly accessible. All printed works are separately stored according to the three departments comprising the Department of East Asian Studies: Japanese Studies, Chinese Studies, Korean Studies and an additional section about Eastern Asia in general. Each section in turn is sorted according to themes. An overview of the shelf marks and their locations can be found opposite of the information desk and at the beginning of each section respectively.

Japanese Studies: Ground level shelves and gallery
  • The shelf mark (PDF in German) in the Japanese Studies section is comprised of a four-digit code that indicates the theme and the first four letters of the author’s name. (i.e. shelf mark + author, e.g. 1936 DANE)
  • Shelved according to themes and authors. Japanese and Western language works are shelved separately in some sections.
  • Here you can find:
    • Monographs
    • Some journals and newspapers are not in the regular compact shelving unit but directly on the ground-floor level of the Japanese Studies section (these items can be located using u:search).
    • 10 workspaces
Chinese Studies: Ground-level shelves and gallery
  • The shelf mark (PDF in German) in the Chinese Studies section is comprised of the numbers of each particular theme and its subcategories, and the continuous numbering of the books (i.e. number of theme. subcatebory- contiuous number, e.g. 1.2.2-123). Holdings in Chinese language are marked by a preceding C in the shelf mark.
  • Sorted continuously and according to themes. English and German language literature is stored separately from publications in Chinese.
  • Here you can find:
    • Monographies
    • Dissertations
    • 5 workspaces
Korean Studies: Ground-level shelves and gallery
  • The shelf mark (PDF in German) in the Korean Studies section is comprised of the numbers of each particular theme and the continuous numbering of the books (i.e. theme-contiuous number, e.g. 1234-23).
  • Sorted continuously and according to themes.
  • Here you can find:
    • Monographies
    • Dissertations (Shelved together with other publications according to their theme)
    • 3 workspaces
Print-journals Japanese and Chinese Studies

In addition to open acces monographies you can find one room each for Japanese and Chinese Studies journals. Print journals in Korean Studies are located directly by the Korean Studies monograph listing (ground level). All three are open access. Please note that all newspapers and magazines are not loanable and can therefore be only used locally.


The archive is not open access and the holdings contained are not loanable. It is however possible to place an order for the holdings over u:search and use it on site. Should you require one of the holdings from the archive (“Closed Stacks: Archive") please contact staff at the information desk.

Audio-visual media (AV-Media)

AV-media/non-book-media such as DVDs and CDs can be loaned for 7 days. They are not open access and have to be ordered via u:search for pick-up at the information desk. If you want to use AV-media stored in “Closed Stacks: AV Media” you can also talk to staff at the information desk directly.

Reading and workspaces

In addition to the reading spaces in each department’s section you can find some seats next to the information desk and at the glass front.

Reserve shelves

The reserve shelves (sometimes also called “course reading”) can be found on the left back side of the reading section. For Chinese Studies, it is located directly on the ground floor of the department’s section.

The reserve shelves represent a temporary collection of works which lecturers have chosen as literature for a particular course. Because they are meant for the students of the respective courses, they are either not loanable or only loanable over the weekend (Fr. 12:00-Mo.12:00).

Additional information:

  • Information about services and library infrastructure can be found under: Services and Library Infrastructure
  • An overview over the possibility to loan our holdings can be found here, under the chart titled Loan.