Seat Reservations

We are offering seat reservations at libraries with limited seating capacity and for group study areas and special workplaces.

Reservations can be made one week before the desired date. A u:account  is required to book a ticket. If you do not have a u:account, or if your library is not listed here, please contact the respective library by e-mail or telephone.

Book a ticket

To book a seat reservation for the respective library, click on "Book a ticket". If your library does not offer online booking, please contact the library by phone or e-mail to reserve a seat.

Important Notice

  • Please do not forget to check in before entering the reading area!
  • Please cancel reservations that you no longer need!
  • Please note that reserved but unoccupied seats may be freed up for other users.

Current use of the library

Please inform yourself about the usage regulations and the rules of conduct on site (e.g. cloakroom requirements). Please note that the reservation service of the Unversity Library Vienna is a service free of charge; we do not ask for payment details.