Services for High School Students

The University Library is providing support for Austrian high school students to assist them with their Vorwissenschaftliche Arbeit (VWA) or their Diplomarbeitsprojekt (DA). It is our aim to familiarise high school students with the library services and to support them in their research.

For this purpose, teachers can book special guided tours or online reasearch courses. Individual students can receive basic information at the information counters of the main library or the special libraries.

Our services

We offer the following services free of charge to Austrian high school students:

  • a free library card
  • the use of our search engine u:search to research literature
  • loans of books and other media
  • free seat reservations in the reading rooms
  • the use of non-loanable books in the library
  • access to the WiFi network of the University of Vienna
  • the use of online resources (e-books, e-journals) through the university's WiFi network or at special terminals in the library.

Charges can apply if borrowed books are returned late, lost, or damaged. Charges also apply for copies, printouts and inter-library loans.

Library instruction f├╝r high school students