Digitisation for academic staff of the University of Vienna

Teachers and researchers of the University of Vienna can have urgently needed literature digitised free of charge until further notice and subject to free capacities.

Please note that due to copyright regulations (§42, §42a and §42g UrhG) no complete works may be scanned, only excerpts or chapters; It is also not legally possible to digitise textbooks or excerpts from textbooks.

For books from the holdings of the special libraries, please send the corresponding form to the service mail address of you special library. Please send scan orders for the main library to digitisation.ub@univie.ac.at

E-Books on Demand

With EOD you can order the digitization of a complete book from the holdings of the university library, provided that it is free of copyright and its condition allows digitization.

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Literature service for blind and visually impaired people

The literature service digitizes print materials and electronic resources in the library's holdings and processes them so that they are more accessible to visually impaired people.

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Book scanners

With the help of our book scanners, you can make digital copies of printed works yourself within the framework of copyright regulations.

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